Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bugs and Guitars

Today, I learned a little about some really simple things. I'm learning that the more I try to celebrate and recognize the little things, the less they seem like little things and more like big things. I write something here and it seems rather minor then I look back on it and I realize that had I not written it down, it may have slipped from my memory. But, as I reread these small things, I appreciate them more and celebrate the fact that these are the things that make us (my family) who we are.

In thinking about this, I decided to find a quote to express what I am trying to say. I found this one...

"I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all." -Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thanks, Laura, that summarizes my thoughts precisely!

Today, I learned the simplicity of a gift. It looked like it was going to rain today and our daughter had been really well behaved at church and while we were out to eat at a restaurant. We decided to give her an umbrella that we had bought her as a gift for a day like today. Oh, the joy on her face! She was so excited to get this little ladybug umbrella. Such a simple gift...such joy!

It never did rain enough to use it but that didn't stop her from using it inside. Our son loved it, too! He followed her and the umbrella everywhere they went. Then, recognizing that he wanted to play too, she sat down on the floor with him and kept his head sheltered from the imaginary rain. She even tried to help him hold the handle. They were so sweet sitting there on our living room floor, huddled under the ladybug umbrella, keeping themselves dry from the imaginary rain!

Another one of those simple things today had to do with my husband's guitar. Now, this is not an unusual thing in our house. Our children are quite used to the sound of their Daddy's strumming ringing through our home. Today, as soon as he started playing, the baby crawled right across the room and got on his knees so he could play too. He has so much fun watching his Daddy play but today, he wanted a piece of the action. The two of them settled in on the floor together and entertained us girls with their guitar playing skills.

It is such a beautiful thing to see the hands of my children and the hands of my love sharing in something creative together!

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