Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bye Baby Bunting

A while back, I posted about what I learned about bias tape. Today I finally got around to using that knowledge to make the bunting for the baby's room. I picked up the correct bias tape at Hobby Lobby yesterday and today I learned how to sew the bunting flags together using the bias tape.

I am very happy with how the bunting turned out. I added another green fabric. I wasn't too sure about it and it definitely wasn't my first pick. However, it has fish on it and my hubby thought it was the perfect fabric to use. He loves fishing and hopes to spend lots of time fishing with the kiddos. So, I conceded. I think it looks pretty much like I hoped that it would.

I hung it on the wall shelves that go around the baby's room. It brightens the room up and looks very festive. Yeah! I finally finished this project!

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