Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Clothes

In the past 9 months since I became the mother of a baby boy, I've learned that stores just don't stock a whole lot of boys dress clothes. First it was the mad search for an appropriate outfit for his baby dedication. Then, it was the insane pre-holiday hunt for an appropriately dressy 1st Christmas outfit. Now, it has been the crazy sequence of stores that we have been hopping to and from in hopes of a cute and Springy 1st Easter outfit. Today, we finally landed on the right store. We went to Gymboree. I've shopped there for girl clothes before but I haven't been there since I've had a reason to shop for boy clothing. Well, today I learned my lesson. If I need dressy boy clothes, I'm heading there. I still didn't get exactly what I had in mind but at least it was close. His outfit is the human version of the outfit on the gopher above. Seriously...not kidding.

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