Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Posting for Yesterday

Yep, I'm a day behind. My husband was working on a side job fixing a computer. This meant that he had to disconnect mine to work on the other. Thus, no way to post. Today he is still working on fixing that computer but he set me up with a laptop. Good Husband!

So, what did I learn yesterday? I learned that my daughter can be quite creative when given open ended crafting possibilities. Previous attempts at giving her open ended crafts have resulted in great fun and great artwork however, she tended to stay within the realms of what mediums she has used previously. Today, I gave her a variety of objects (confetti, hole punches, material scraps, etc.) and a cardboard egg. The craft was inspired by a craft I saw here. She was so excited about gluing all the different objects to the egg. She was very meticulous in placing each piece right where she wanted it. After she was finished with the egg, she asked to take the supplies to her room where she proceeded to sit down at her desk and make a new art project using the miscellaneous items on paper. I was very impressed that she extended the activity herself.

I am so excited that she has entered this stage in her artistic expression. I feel as if she is really taking ownership of her artwork and allowing her creativity to shine through what she creates. Can you tell I'm a proud mama?!?!?

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