Monday, March 24, 2008

No Fear!

The boy has no fear! I didn't just learn it today, I had it drilled into my mind every time I turned my back...even for just one second. First of all, he was fascinated with the cat today. Now, the cat is pretty friendly as far as cats go but there is only so much she tolerates. Once she hits that point, she gives a quick swipe of the paw and lets you know that she means business. The boy? No fear of her whatsoever. He chased her all over the place today and just when she thought she had found a place of safety on our recliner, the boy just crawled right over, pulled himself up and reached right for her face. He's never pulled himself up there before. Thankfully, I was there to intervene before the cat's claw made its appearance!

Also today, he took a fancy to his sister's kid-sized vacuum cleaner that was plugged into an outlet charging. He wanted to suck on the base of it...yuck! When I would distract him from the base, he wanted to remove the plug from the outlet. So, I unplugged it, moved him to the other side of the room and proceeded to move the vacuum to another more obscure outlet. In the meantime, he crawled right over to the now empty outlet and tried to stick his finger right into it! For Pete's sake, that outlet was without a cover for less than a minute before he got into it!
Today, he also grabbed the tablecloth and pulled an unlit candle down onto himself.
He also has no fear of falling. He can pull himself up to his knees at the coffee table. When he is finished, he just kind of flops himself down. Never mind the fact that the coffee table is below him! Then, he enjoys trying to crawl under the coffee table. Once he is under, he tries to raise his head and just keeps banging it on the underside of the tabletop.
In his bedroom today, he was trying to fit his head in between the dresser and the wall because he saw the cord for his lamp behind the dresser. There is no way that he can get his head into the two inch gap but that didn't stop him from trying. He looked like a little bulldozer bonking his head into the space to try to make it fit. Poor little head!
I think we need to move into a padded house. I'm learning that child #2 is completely different than child #1. I, of course, know that they are different and love their differences. This is just one area that is completely throwing me for a loop. Our daughter hardly ever got into anything. We had the house child-proofed but it was hardly necessary because she just didn't do many dangerous things. Now, I am envisioning an million ways that we can even further baby-proof our home otherwise, I think we need to buy stock in band aids and first aid kits.

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  1. Welcome to my world of an active child!! He will keep you on your toes. Love ya!