Thursday, March 13, 2008

Clay for Play

Today, I learned that I love an old cook book I inherited from my mom. It's called Feed Me I'm Yours by Vicki Lansky. It was a cookbook that Mom used when my brothers and I were kids. It has lots of kid friendly recipes in it. I was a pretty picky eater as a kid (I still am). I used to love to look through this cookbook for recipes that didn't have anything in them that I would consider "yucky." When I started having kids, Mom passed the book on to me in case my kids turned out to be picky like their mommy. (I sure hope they aren't...the baby tried and liked tomatoes yesterday. That's a good sign since tomatoes and I are arch enemies!)

But, I didn't use the cookbook for food. I used it for a recipe called Clay for Play and Posterity (baking method). Early this morning, I made the recipe and formed the clay into egg shapes. We brought them to a playdate with two little friends. We did a Bible lesson on Easter and then set the kids up with the eggs, paint, and paintbrushes. We got the idea for painted eggs from the same site I mentioned in my last post. After painting the eggs, the kids got to eat hard-boiled eggs that the other mom had made. My daughter had great fun pealing the shell off of the egg. This was a huge highlight for her. It was great to have yummy and messy fun with eggs today!

Upon the recommendation of the other mom, we decided that the eggs would last better if we put some sort of finish on the eggs. I thought I had a can of spray sealant but I did not. I dug through my craft stuff and found a bottle of glitter glaze. I had used this for painted glass Christmas ornaments years ago and was happy to try it again. The eggs look great...colorful and sparkly...just like the little girl who painted them. I'll post pictures when I'm back on my computer.

I can't wait to rediscover other old recipes from my childhood.

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  1. did I miss this post?!?
    I love the pics. (smile)
    This activity was a lot of fun. We still need to "glaze" our eggs. Yes indeed, we are behind. What is new? Actually, we have what we need for the glazing but just need to do it! Hmmm...I should do this today.
    Thanks for the fun Jody!