Monday, January 28, 2008

Lesson Learned

You see that hand up there? I love that hand! That is the hand of my son sleeping peacefully. I have always been fascinated by his hands. They are beautiful. Chubby. Soft. So darn cute! Seeing the hands of a baby sleeping is pure peace to me. The way the fingers are curled yet slightly open is the image of pure peace to me.

Today was a traumatic day for us. I'll make a long story short because I don't want to relive it. My son took a fall, 911 was called, paramedics came to our home, vitals checked...everything looks to be fine!

Well, the picture above was taken during his first nap after the afore mentioned events. After all the chaos, peaceful slumber with those beautiful, trusting hands.

After the paramedics left, my daughter went to my in laws so I could observe him during his nap. I was so nervous. I stayed in his room with him and kept checking him NONSTOP! Standing there watching him sleep made me appreciate just how blessed I am. Perhaps the thing I learned today is more important that all the others I've written about. I appreciated my family so much more today because of the circumstances that we faced. I need to learn to have that depth of appreciation every day not just when bad things happen. I need to appreciate my family anew every day.

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