Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowa Caucus

Today was the Iowa Caucus. Obama is the projected Democrat winner (no surprise) and Huckabee is the Republican winner (big surprise). Not being from Iowa, I have very little knowledge of how a caucus works. I know that I learned about it in previous political science classes but I decided that today I would dig deeper into it and really try to understand the whole caucus process. I found a pretty good interactive explanation on Here's the link...

The Republican process is pretty close to what I am used to in our primary elections. However, the Democratic process is completely different. I cannot imagine literally having to stand up and move to a designated section of the room to vote for my candidate. No privacy!!! I can't believe that. I wonder how many people stay home because they are too embarrassed to publicly support a candidate. I just can't imagine voting in a way that makes your vote one that everyone gets to see. That's just nuts! Today I am glad that I don't live in Iowa!

So, while I knew a little about the Caucus process before today, it was nice to dive a little deeper into it to learn even more.

By the way, as you can see by the CNN link above, today I also learned how to insert a link into a post.

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