Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Last night, my husband took our daughter out for a Daddy/Daughter date. They went to Culver's and had a fantastic time. When asked if she was ready to leave and head back home, she replied, "Not yet, Daddy, I just wanna stay here and talk to you a bit longer." I can't believe it! When I heard that, my heart just swelled!!! I love that little girl so much!

Anyways, while they were there, she charmed one of the workers and he sent her home with a container of sprinkles since they are her favorite ice cream topping. So, the little girl ate a lot of sprinkles! This leads me to explain what I learned today... I learned that blue sprinkles in a three year old's digestive system are quite interesting. I learned that blue sprinkles create interesting bowel movements. Who would think that blue could turn green but it does?!?!? I'm talking bright green like the color of grass!!! See, you learn something new everyday, don't ya?

One last thing, my little girl is growing up. She always wanted to have "frinkles" on her ice cream. "Frinkles" no longer exist. My little girl wants sprinkles. I sure do miss "frinkles!"

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