Monday, January 7, 2008

Update with pictures: French Press

Here's the pictures of how we made the French Press Cappuccino:

First, we ground whole beans that my parents brought us from Hawaii. You don't grind them too fine or they will get caught in the filter at a later point in the process.

Next we placed the grounds in the boden french press.

Next, we added boiling water to the grounds and stired it around a bit. Then, we let it sit for about four minutes.

Mmmm, just looking at the picture, I can smell it!

Next, we put the lid on and pressed down the filter. This separates the grounds from the coffee.

The last step is the step where my husband stops. He drinks his coffee straight, dark, and strong.

I on the other hand like froo-froo drinks. So, next, I added Vanilla Syrup to mine. This is the step that makes it so-o-o yummy!

This next step is great too! I took warm milk and placed it in the manual milk frother. Then, the plunger froths the milk. I like lots of froth, so I was really working this step!

Finally, spoon/pour the froth over the coffee/vanilla mixture and ENJOY!

Oooh la latte!!!

(I know, I know it's not a latte but I couldn't resist saying that!)

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  1. So Jody... you will need to make me this coffee as you know how much I like coffee and this looks yummy!