Sunday, January 13, 2008


Our local babywearing group has started a new thing where you are asked to try a new carry for a week to try new ways of carrying and to see how you like it. I decided to try an easy wrap to begin with. I have been doing a Front Wrap Cross Carry. This week I learned how to do a Front Cross Carry. This carry is much quicker than the FWCC. It is also more "poppable" meaning that it is a much easier carry for being able to quickly "pop" the baby in and out. Definitely a great carry for running errands were you would be getting in and out of the car. The wrap would stay on you and the baby could be "popped" in and out as you moved back and forth between car seat and errand running. However, I am glad that the first carry that I learned was the FWCC. It is a great carry for an infant. To me, it felt more snug and supportive for an infant who doesn't yet have neck and back support. I am glad that the babywearing group has encouraged me to move away from my comfort zone and try new things! Yeah!

This evening, I had the opportunity to show a mom of a one month old how to babywear. She had called me and asked me if I could show her what I have been using to carry my baby. She had seen him wrapped previously. I was able to show/teach her how to use a sling, mei tai, pikkilo, and a wrap. She seemed to really see the benefits of babywearing and even borrowed some of my stuff. What great fun to take what I have learned and share it with someone else! I also realized that less than one year ago, I would have had no idea how to use any of those. Thanks to a great friend, I now not only know how to use them, I am comfortable enough to share the knowledge with others!

By the way, isn't that a cute little cowlick my little guy has going on? Gotta love the wispy swirls of new hair!

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