Saturday, January 26, 2008

I love a good sale!

Today I hit another great sale! The Teacher's Market here in town is going out of business. Two of my favorite stores closing one week! This was a great local place for me to shop when I was teaching. Lately, it has been my supplier of art supplies for home art projects with the kiddos. I was planning on it being an excellent resource for homeschooling...if we decide to take that route. But, alas, I learned today that they are closing. So, I took advantage of the sale prices and stocked up on things that we can use now and things that we can use in the future if we homeschool. If we don't, I can always use the stuff when I return to the classroom. Above is a picture of some of the things that I bought. Some things were already put into use before I could take a picture. Ah, the joy of a sale! Over $200 worth of stuff for under $80! That makes up for my sadness over the store closing!

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