Thursday, January 24, 2008

Three Snow Bears

Today I learned how much a child can enjoy a simple gift. My daughter received a copy of Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett for Christmas. With it she was given a Folkmanis Polar Bear finger puppet. She loves having the book read aloud to her and making the puppet move along with the baby bear in the story. We have read the book many times in the short time she has had it. It is an Arctic version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. One of her favorite parts is where Aloo-ki, the main character, is found in the bed of the baby bear. She LOVES the furry blanket that is illustrated in the book. She talks about how comfy and cuddly it looks. The other day she declared, “We should get a blankie like that!” How could I resist?!?!? A couple of days effort, some flannel from the fabric sale last week, and some left-over fake fur (flower girl dresses from our wedding 9 years ago!)…furry blankie for a special little Eskimo! She loves it and cuddled up in it for her nap today.

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