Friday, January 25, 2008

Great Pizza

Tonight we had pizza for dinner. We picked it up from a local pizza place that we really like. It had no red sauce on it! It was topped with olive oil, cheese, bacon, artichoke, basil, and garlic. DELICIOUS!!! We had invented this combo for our anniversary and thought it was great. The interesting part is that 5 years ago I would have never tried anything like this. I have always been a picky eater. I would always refuse to try anything out of the ordinary. Lately, I have been learning that it can be fun to try different foods. Tonight's dinner is an example of that. While we were eating it, I reflected on how amazing it was that I was eating something that I would have never even tried a few years ago. I'm learning to try new wise.

I need to comment on something else. I have a wonderful hubby. The pizza place is across the street from one of our favorite coffee houses. He came home not only with the pizza but with a big o' Mocha!!! He also knew that our daughter probably wouldn't like the pizza, so he stopped and picked her up her own special meal too!!! He made THREE stops all to make the ladies in his life happy. Thanks, Honey! We love you.

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