Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy Brains

Today, I learned about a traveling children's museum called Busy Brains. They were a part of our MOPS end of the year carnival. It was so much fun!

The coolest display was called a Bernoulli Box. It was constructed of tubes with air blowing out of them. The kids got to take balls and put them on top of the tubes to see them shoot into the air or they could find the right place to let go of the ball and it would stay suspended in air. My daughter had fun seeing how many ball would stay suspended at one time. The baby loved watching the balls as the bobbed in the air.

Another favorite for the girl was a rock table with trucks. The concept is much like a sand table only with gravel. She LOVED it!

Another fun idea was a coffee table converted into a rubbing table. The table had raised rubbing plates attached to it and the kids took a paper and crayons and made rubbings. The tacks kept the plates in place which made the task a lot easier.

My favorite idea of all was sensory boxes. They had four boxes...touch, see, smell, and hear. Obviously, taste wasn't here because there is no sanitary way to do that one. Uggh! Both kids loved this station. The baby loved the sound box. It had all sorts of noisy things attached. We my have to consider making him one of these for his birthday!

There were lots of other really great interactive displays. What I liked most about the each of the displays was that they are ideas that could easily be replicated at home. I looked at each display and thought, hmmm, we could make something like that. Ours wouldn't look as professional but the concept could be fairly easily repeated at home. These ideas really got my brain turning, thinking of ways that some of these fun stations could be incorporated into our home.

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