Saturday, May 17, 2008

An Unusual Garden

Today I learned about negotiations, the price of landscaping rocks, and finding pleasure even when compromising.

We've had our seedlings waiting patiently in their peat pots for a while. They were ready to go in the ground before now, but until today, they have had no where to go.

I had grand plans of my hubby and I making raised garden boxes. I thought they would be perfect for little hands to do their gardening in. I thought I had my husband on board with this idea. Apparently, we miscommunicated. The majority of this morning was spent discussing, drawing plans, discussing, drawing edited plans, more discussing, and ultimately ending with compromise.

We both compromised and now, we are both happy with what we came up with. Our daughter is tickled pink to have her own garden, our son thinks the dirt is fantastic, and the plants are very pleased to now have a permanent home.

And to think, this morning I was arguing my case for a raised garden boxes. I got a guitar garden... it just don't get much better than that! And...every time I see it from up above at our bedroom window, I smile from ear to ear. It was purely accidental that it turned out this way but just the thought of a guitar garden makes me giddy. Hmmm, perhaps guitars will spring out of it!

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