Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finding Peace in a Hectic Day

Sometimes life just gets altogether too busy. Today was one of those days. What should have been a fun trip to playgroup and lunch with friends ended up being hectic and crazy with too many trips in and out of the car seats. Finally, I threw up my hands in defeat and told the kiddos we were going to the beach for a walk. I needed it for my mental sanity and the kids needed the wide open space to run and play in after spending the morning being pushed and prodded in and out of too many places.

The day started out rainy, which added to my mental anguish, but it soon turned into a delightful afternoon. Perfect for a stroll along the beach, stopping for a drink with Daddy and then a trip to Grandma and Papa's house to look at all their flowers in full bloom.

Then, I found the poem, Beach Sand by Raymond A. Foss. It describes today's experience perfectly...

Maybe it is the memories

the change of pace that brings us there

the sense of vacation

maybe the smell of the place

the sights of the gulls, the dunes, the grasses

but oh it is the feel of it, the crunch and slide of it

the feeling of beach sand

so different from dirt, soil, loam

no, not earthy, moist, rich, but oh so granular and gritty

even when wet,

moveable paper spreading under toes

sliding beneath the soles

smoothing my skin

clearing my mind

unburdening me of the rest

drawing me to the tactile, the feel

of beach sand

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  1. ooo...I love the pictures of the flowers.

    I also love the pics of dd. you know, her hair being left down certainly adds to the flowing quality of your pictures!