Monday, May 12, 2008

More Mother's Day Ramblings

I realize that yesterday's Mother's Day post really only focused on my mother and mother-in-law. I must say that I had a special day first Mother's Day with two kiddos.

First, we went to church and my daughter made this box for me filled with chocolates. The card was made at home with Daddy's help...

Then, we went here for lunch...

And ate (and drank) this...

My hubby dropped me off at home and took the kiddos to the marina so that I could have some time to myself. I read a book and listened to Jamie Cullum (some of his songs aren't quite kid appropriate, so this was a luxury).

Then, the family came home and I got to open my presents. Apparently, my hubby has been reading this blog because he went to the bookstore looking for embroidery books since he had seen me working on the birthday bag for the baby. When he realized that they were all pretty fuddy duddy for me, he found the following books which reminded him of some of my recent repurposing projects.

Well, I love the books! Today, I made a skirt and a shirt, both from t-shirts. They were super easy and fun to make. The shirt was a little too risque for my liking, so I may have to modify it. However, the skirt turned out really well. My hubby didn't even realize I made it, he says that he thought it was store bought...bless him! I liked the skirt so much, I wore it to a meeting tonight and boy, was it comfy. I got to sit there in a stuffy, boring meeting with my legs wrapped in a comfy t-shirt. That is success in my book!

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