Friday, May 2, 2008

Van Gogh

Today I found a really great quote:

I typed it up, printed it out, and had my daughter add her artistic touch to it with watercolor paints and a paintbrush. Then we framed it and hung it over her desk which is next to her easel.

Even though she cannot read what it says, my hope it that by hanging it on the wall, she will she will realize how important I think it is...both her artwork and the quote. As she grows and matures along with her brother, it is my hope that both of them realize the importance of creativity in their lives - that they realize the importance of persistence as they acquire new skills. I pray that in every endeavor, they seek to silence the voices that say it can't be done.

If you can't read the quote in the photo above, here it is...

"If you hear a voice within you say, 'You are not a painter,' then by all means paint...and that voice will be silenced." -Vincent Van Gogh

The fact that Van Gogh made that statement is amazing to me. One of the world's greatest painters believes that anyone can silence the voice of doubt and be a painter. That to me is amazing.


  1. ahh...such a neat quote. The thing is, the quote (to me) is saying far more than Paint even if you someone says you are not a painter. It is saying... "Do...even if someone says that you cannot because you are not..."
    Love it...maybe I will copy you! :)

  2. Deanna,

    Between the Ag in the Classroom presenters across the state, we have the following rule that we live by ROAD...Rip Off And Duplicate. You can definately copy me...heaven knows I copy you all the time!