Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Taking the Easier Route

A while back, I started making the invitations for my son's first birthday party. I really liked how they were turning out. However, I ran into some trouble getting them completed and I also found myself procrastinating. I think I subconsciously felt that if I didn't get the invites done, his birthday wouldn't come and he would stay my baby forever. I am very full of emotions as his birthday approaches. Making the invitations has been a reminder of the fact that his first year is coming to a close. I realize that this is a reason to celebrate and I do want to celebrate this milestone. It's just bittersweet because I feel like this year went by so-o-o fast and still want him to be my cuddly little baby boy. I look at his sister and the reality hits me that in the blink of an eye, he'll be a big boy.

So, today, I realized that I had procrastinated long enough. I looked at my pile of semi-completed invitations and realized that I needed outside help. I downloaded one of his pictures to and the invitations were done and waiting for me at the store in less than 30 minutes! They are now in the envelopes and will go out in the mail tomorrow...Yeah!

I've never had photo invitations made other than the ones I have made at home. I was actually quite pleased with them and I am satisfied with the results. I may have learned something today that I will use for future projects as well.

Today I also learned that sometimes you just need to take the easier route. Sometimes that route isn't out of laziness an it doesn't mean defeat. Sometimes it is out of necessity and sometimes it is out of a need to rescue your sanity. My sanity has been saved and now I am looking forward to remembering his first year while we celebrate his 1st birthday and look forward to the future that lies ahead of him.

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