Sunday, May 11, 2008


Tonight we had both of our sets of parents over for Mother's Day. We set up a Sundae bar. I planned to make rhubarb/strawberry sauce from the rhubarb we grow here at home. I got out my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook to look up the recipe that I use. On the same page as the Rhubarb Sauce recipe I noticed recipes for carmel sauce and hot fudge. First of all, I wondered why someone would make them from scratch since they are so readily available at the store. I understand making something from scratch when it is a healthier option but who's worried about health when eating chocolate and caramel?!?!?

Then, I got the crazy idea that I should try to make them myself. I saw the sauce as a gift that I could give our mothers. We might not be able to give them the biggest gifts in the world, but we can give our time. Making the sauces from scratch was my way of showing these two women how much we appreciate them.

So, I had three sauces brewing on the stove at one time...and nothing burnt! All three sauces turned out well and were quite yummy. Now I understand why someone would go through the trouble of making these homemade. They are so much better than store bought! They were a hit! Only a few complaints...none about the sauces. These complaints, of course, bothered me. But, I guess I have to learn that you can't please everyone.

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