Saturday, May 10, 2008

Early Mother's Day

Since the forecast is predicting rain for Mother's Day, today my hubby put up my new hammock for Mother's Day (a little early). We had bought it as end of the season clearance last summer and I have been itching to use it. I even suggested trying to find a way to put it up in the house for winter...that idea was vetoed.

Mother's Day gave us the perfect reason to break out the new hammock. Now, it's up, it's comfy and we all love it! I was even willing to share it with everyone else...

Then, my dear hubby took the kiddos inside and let me have a bit of time to myself on the hammock. It was lovely. So peaceful and relaxing. It's still a little cold, so I make a mocha to bring with me. A mocha, a good book and a hammock...perfect! Sorry about the ugly feet, but here's the view from the hammock...

Last time I was on a hammock was just after we got married. We were swinging on an old hammock at a camp in the upper peninsula of Michigan. My hubby and I were both on it and apparently, we weighed more than the capacity of that poor old hammock. It broke and we came crashing to the ground. I took the brunt of the fall and ended up with a black and blue and purple bum! I've been a little leery of hammocks since then but today my fears were put to rest. I learned that I still love riding in a hammock.

I also learned that the hubby likes it too. He wants to by another so we can both ride on one with a kiddo in each of our laps. He even mentioned figuring out a way to put one up in the house. Aha! My vetoed idea has been resurrected. Perhaps we will be hammocking year round yet!

Happy Mother's Day!

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