Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Little Drummer Boy

Oh, man, do I wish I had pictures!!!

My hubby had the day off today and we took a trip to my favorite restaurant. It was yummy and good but that's not what I learned.

On to the good stuff...

I learned that I've got myself a little drummer boy! Didn't know it but he loves drums! We went to Guitar Center after lunch to drool a little and spend some time in wishful thinking land. While my hubby was engulfed in trying out effects pedals for his guitar, the kids and I wandered over to the drum section. There was a fantastic employee who gave both kids a set of drumsticks and encouraged them to bang away. Truthfully, she did this. I asked her repeatedly if it was OK and her response was that all the things in that section were meant to be banged on. Well, you don't have to tell my kiddos twice! We banged and banged and banged! I knew my daughter would love this...she's done it before. But I wasn't sure about the baby. He LOVED it! Anything that came within arms reach became a drum for him. He got the concept right away and I think he could have stayed there all afternoon. After today, we are definitely going to try to have a Sound Box made for him by his birthday...he'll love it!


  1. Not too much time left to make that sound box. How is it coming along??
    Golly, hard to believe baby will be 1!!! Where has the time gone????

  2. How is it coming along?!?!? We just went shopping for the wood last night. That will be the project for the weekend. My fingers are crossed!