Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yummy and Healthy Snack

Last night, a friend stopped by with a gift. I love dried apricots and she knew this. She brought me a tub of Just Apricots by Just Tomatoes,ETC. She had told me about them before but I had never tried them. Mmmm, they are delicious! What a great surprise! My hubby doesn't like apricots in any form, so that leaves more for the rest of us. My daughter and son both LOVE these. They are really, really good. My daughter is fascinated by the fact that if you hold a piece in your mouth for a little while, it rehydrates. She is convinced that they are magical dried apricots that turn into real apricots when you suck on them!

Another thing I learned today...early bedtimes for stuffy-nosed kids and hubby means time to catch up on blogging. Yeah!

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