Sunday, April 20, 2008

Book Review: The Busy Mon's Guide to Bible Study

Today at church, the message was on studying the Bible. Not just reading it...studying it. The pastor made some very good points and the sermon reminded me a lot of a book that I have been reading. It was a gift for Christmas from a friend. It's called The Busy Mom's Guide to Bible Study by Lisa Whelchel. I have really enjoyed it. Her website describes the book as "1 Busy Mom, 15 Minutes a Day, A 3-Month Plan, 20 Days a Month, An Infinity of Blessings." I've learned a lot from this little book. Probably the most important thing that I have learned from it is that Bible Study doesn't need to be overcomplicated. I've often done just that and overcomplicated my study of the Bible and in the end, I feel very frustrated. I set up my study of the Bible within a time frame with a certain number of chapters to read looking for insight on a specific topic. Studying in this way has set me up to never accomplish what I set out to do and I end up feeling like a failure. Obviously, that isn't what I want to get out of my time studying the Bible.
I would definitely recommend this book. It is easy to understand and isn't too deep and doctrinal. It simply gives you the tools to dive into the scripture and study it. And, after you're done reading it, the book serves as a guide for 20 different tools for further study of the scripture.

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