Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Creative Family

I've wanted a particular book for quite a while. One of the blogs that I check out daily is the Soulemama blog. I find it's author, Amanda Soule, very inspiring. Her simple, creative, and heart-warming approach to parenting is brilliant. When I read her blog, I am reminded of the things that are close to my heart. She embodies much of what I believe my personal approach to parenting to be. So, reading her blog inspires me to develop those believes and ideals within myself and my family.

From reading her blog, I knew all about the book. I knew that I could pre-order it and as much as I wanted to, I couldn't do it. I have a hard time spending money on myself, so I thought that I would wait and ask for it for my birthday (more that 6 months after the release of the book). I thought, I'll be patient. Then a friend read a review of the book and asked me about it. She suggested I ask for it for Mother's Day. I have never made a request for Mother's Day but I was considering it.

Here I must interject that my hubby recently set aside some money for me and insisted that I spend it on me. Whatever I want. Just for me. Ya, that's hard for me, so the money just sat there.

Well, today I worked. I generally only work one day a week and that is usually only for a few hours. This week is different due to Earth Day presentation requests. Grandma was staying with the kids and I actually had a break in presentations. The break was too short to go home but just long enough to browse the bookstore and grab lunch. I decided to check to see if the book was in stock. The computer inventory said, "Likely on shelf." Hmmm, likely. I decided to try to find it. A store employee joined me in my search and determined that it was not in stock. Bummer. I was actually there. at the store. I could almost taste it. (figuratively, of course.) I was determined at this point and didn't want to leave one book unturned. I scoured shelf after shelf long after the store employee abandoned the search. Finally, shelves away from where it was supposed to be, The Creative Family appeared! I exclaimed with glee, "I found it!" The store employee who was aisles away heard my exclamation and came over to me and said, "Now that's determination!" Yep, I got determination and even better, I got the book. The Creative Family is now a part of my personal library. Yippee!!!

I then went to Einstein's Bagels - one of my favorite chain restaurants. I was all by myself. I sat uninterrupted with my bagel sandwich and The Creative Family. I devoured the book. It was so hard... Do I look at the fabulous photography? Do I check out the activities? Do I start with Chapter 1 or should I read the introduction? I started at the index and just kept reading. When I had to leave to go back for more presentations, I finally put the book down. It was that good.

My initial impression of the book it that I love it! I would say that as you read it, you cannot compare yourself with the author. The book is a snapshot of their family life and one that we can strive to attain but the reader must keep in mind that everyday is not going to be a perfect, creative, inspiring day.

When I got home the family was in the living room together listening to Daddy play his guitar. It was a glorious day outside, so I suggested moving the activities outside. Ahh, I love beautiful Spring days.

Then, we put the kids down for their nap. They both went at the same time. (I love it when it works out that way!) My hubby had to do some work from home. So, we sat on the deck...him working from his laptop and me reading my new book sipping raspberry Italian Sodas.

I worked more today than I have any day since the baby was born. I also had a meeting this evening. This could have been a really stressful day. Amazingly, it wasn't. I'm so thankful for a beautiful day and a beautiful family.

Here's the big thing I have learned from The Creative Family:

First, a quote from the Introduction..."Given the creative nature of children, it is no coincidence that so many of us are led to seek a more creative life in their presence...Being around even the youngest children - and the purity of their rich creative energy - brings out our need for that same innovative spirit. They inspire us not only to nurture and embrace all of who they are, but to nurture and embrace our own creative selves as well."

During my first year of teaching, I started taking dance lessons. Everyone around me thought that this was, well, weird. Why hadn't I started as a kid? Why would an adult want to start dancing? I didn't really have any answers to these questions except that I had the desire. I think that being around the creative spirit of the students in my classroom inspired me to pursue a creative outlet. Until I read the above quote, I never thought of it that way. This also explains my desire to start knitting again and my desire for a sewing machine last year and my desire to give homemade gifts. I learned today that I have been creatively inspired by children in my life without even realizing the effect that they have had on me. That thought, in and of itself, is inspiring. Thanks, Amanda.

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  1. You quote from the book is inspiring.
    I do want to take a look at the book. I do like to glean ideas from sources so who knows, maybe there is something for me and my family's season.

    BTW: Italian Raspberry Sodas? Did you make it or buy them? Sounds and looks very yummy!