Sunday, April 27, 2008

Memory Journals

I have a horrible memory. If I don't write something down, I will never remember it. Even if I do write it down, I often forget where I put the note that I wrote it on.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about remembering things. My grandfather's struggle with Alzheimer's weighs heavily on my heart...hoping that it is not in my genes. A Soulemama post brought this to the forefront of my thinking. My kids do the cutest things (they all do, don't they?) and I don't want to forget these little things. The cute little sayings, the sweet nothings that they share with us, the ways that they interact with their playmates, grandparents, or complete strangers while out and about. These are the things that I don't want to forget.

After being encouraged by a friend to start a journal that I have wanted to start for quite some time, I finally got started. I picked up two journals for $1 each at Michael's and I think they are quite cute. Orange for the girl and green for the boy. (Orange is her favorite color and we decorated his room with frogs, so green it is.)

I wrote a note on the first page to each of them. This is the most "Mommy" writing that I will do in these journals. I want the entries to be short and to the point...documenting what they say and do. Then, I can go back and read it and be reminded of these little things that they do.

Here's what I wrote to each of them:

Dear (son),

You are growing up so fast. You are almost one year old already! I can hardly believe it. I am starting this journal to record memories that I don't want to forget. I will record the "big" events elsewhere (like your first word and your first step). This journal is not for recording those events. It is for recording the little daily things that are easy to forget. Those are the ones that are helping to form your unique personality. Those are the things that will make you - you! I'm not going to add much commentary. I'm just going to jot down the basic information of that happened so that we can read it later and remember. Your big sister has shown me that time flies by too quickly. Before we know it, you'll be a big boy! I pray that these memories would be a source of joy for our family as we remember the little things you do!



Dear (Daughter),

This is a journal that I have wanted to start for quite some time. I want to use it to record memories of you that I don't want to forget. I know that it will be easy to remember the big events like all the huge milestones that you already have met and those that are still to come. This journal is for recording all the small things you do on a daily basis that are so cute and are the things that make up you fabulous developing personality. I'm not going to write much commentary, I am just going to jot down the details so I don't forget. As i remember past events, I will write them but mostly it will be memories as they happen. You bring such joy to my life and I never want to forget that!



I feel so good having those journals setting beside my bed. Seriously, I have wanted to do this since my daughter started babbling. My lesson that I learned today is to stop thinking about doing something and just do it. Stop coming up with reasons why something can't be done and just do it. Stop feeling inadequate for not starting something and start it is better than never.

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  1. Pretty cool to see that you have actually started these journals! I encourage to keep trucking along...this does not have to be a daily thing but certainly one when you hear cute things, see cute things, etc that you your little ones have done. Keep in mind though, not every cute phrase and what not has to be written down. :)

    BTW: You inspire me...truly you do!