Saturday, April 5, 2008

Embrasing a Busy Day

Today was a busy day. We had three pretty major activities planned for the day.

First, Trout season opened today and it was our daughter's first chance to use her new fishing pole that Daddy let her pick out. The pond that we took her to is a stocked pond, so going in the morning today meant the best chance of her actually catching any fish.

She was very successful and met the daily limit of five. She was thrilled and got to reel in each fish. In retelling the story, she gets her whole body into it by acting out how "wriggley" the fish were. Our son was very fascinated by it all and wanted nothing less than to touch the fish. (Don't worry, we didn't actually let him!)

Second on the agenda was building a new doghouse. Our current one is in need of replacement for a variety of reasons. So, the afternoon was spent on that task.

Daddy and daughter worked diligently building a home for our hairy friend.

Our daughter even decided that no construction site is complete without hardhats. She also got out her markers and paper and made a sign full of letters to put on the back door letting everyone know to be careful of the construction site.

Third on the agenda was driving over 2 hours to a Daddy/Daughter Dance. Our daughter's godparents invite us every year to make the drive for this special event. Four Dads, five daughters and oh so much cuteness!

Today I learned that I need to embrace the beauty of a busy day. Most busy days find me stressed and struggling trying to juggle everything. Today, I let go and went with the flow. Doing so allowed the following to happen despite our business...

A special trip for donut holes to celebrate our daughter catching her first fish!

Allowing the time to pull cow on the sled while riding a tricycle, just because it's a fun idea. (Notice the Christmas socks...those somehow got forgotten in the sock drawer and were found today. How can I argue with her logic that tells me, "But Mom, I have a green shirt on. Look, it matches!")

Finding time to build a "tree house." That is all the girl's handiwork. She worked diligently on this for a long time, collecting the "trees," twisting the twine, and getting everything just right.

Chasing a snake around the yard...actually 3 snakes appropriately named Mommy, Daddy, and Baby.

Hula-hooping. Who can resist that plastic hoop?!?!? All three of us gave it a whirl while the baby slept.

And finally, taking note of the rhubarb awaking from it's winter slumber and sitting with the girl discussing all the yummy things we plan to make from it's delicious stalks.

Had I have focused on the business of today, I would have missed all these precious moments. I am so thankful that I did not. I need to remind myself of this when business overtakes our little family. This is another lesson that I need to keep relearning until it becomes habit!

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