Monday, April 7, 2008

Making Orange Juice

Hmmm...what did I learn today? I'd rather talk about what the kiddo learned today. Her enthusiasm for learning teaches me so much. Today, she learned how to make orange juice...

The juicer that she is using is one that I inherited from my grandparents. One time, my grandmother had eaten an orange that she thought was particularly delicious. She saved one of the seeds and planted it. She nurtured that little tree, even bring it with her and my grandfather to Florida each year for their winter stay. Can you picture it? Grandma and Grandpa driving in the front of the car with the little potted orange tree gently tuck into the back seat! When they finally settled in Florida permanently, she planted the tree outside of their home. I can still vividly remember climbing it's branches to pick the highest oranges and then bringing them into her kitchen to make orange juice with this juicer. Teaching my daughter to use this tool was very special to me because of its history. I bet Grandma is smiling down on her great granddaughter with such pleasure right now!

She worked very hard. As you can see, she had a little helper who was quite interested. She juiced 4 oranges and was very pleased with the product of all of her effort. We put it in fancy glasses and allowed her to make a toast. She paused and thought about what she would toast and raised her glass and said, "I toast Daddy and Mommy!" Bless her sweet little heart!


We shared the peels with her feathered friends. Although the squirrel will probably steal them by morning. Shhh, we won't tell her. If their gone, I'm sure it will be the birds that took them.

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