Thursday, April 24, 2008

Going Sale-ing

Today I got to go garage sale-ing. A nearby city had a neighborhood garage sale and I just happened to see the sign while I was out and about yesterday. I worked this morning, so I took the round-a-bout way of going home and swung by for the first day of the sale. Shhh, don't tell Grandma!

It is so much easier to garage sale sans children. With kids around, we only see junky toy after junky toy and stuffed animals. Drooled on, unwashable stuffed animals...yuck! My answer to, "Mommy, please?" is generally "no." Thus starting the whining which leads to a full blown disaster of a time. Today I was able to look past the toys and stuffed animals and find a few gems.

Instead of garage sale-ing and bringing home a grouchy kid, I went to garage sales and came home to two kids who were both very pleased with my finds...we all win!

Here's what I found...

Books and lots of them. A couple of these were duplicates but at less that 50 cents apiece, how could I resist. We'll just pass them on to other little book fans we know. Take a look at the 3D butterfly book...

Rick rack. There was a little old man and lady that had lots of old, outdated technological equipment. Their sale was a mess with wires and knobs and who know what else. But in the corner, there was a stash of rick rack. 10 cents apiece. Yippee for me!

ABC Flash cards. They are ALL there. All the capital letters and all the lower case. Amazing. Great pictures. A good find for the kiddos.

Ceramic whatnots. I'm not sure if these are supposed to be juice glasses or what. But we're gonna use them for planting. I think they'll make great little pots for growing some seeds.

A sweater. 100% lambs wool. It was my plan to felt it and use it for a pillow on my bed but it actually fits me. I'd hate to ruin a sweater that is in such great shape that I can actually use. Here's the dilemma. I already have more than enough sweaters. I need a new throw pillow to match my new bedspread. The sweater matches the bed. Seems like the decision would be easy but I've never felted before and if I mess it up, there is no sweater and no pillow. Hmmm...what to do?!?!?

Ya, going to a garage sale sure is a lot easier without children. I love them to pieces but the in and out of the car seats and the begging sure do make garage sales difficult. I learned that this is one activity that is more efficient solo.

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  1. Love your blog - very inspiring. I reckon use the jumper for something creative rather than keep it to wear (as you have enough already?)... a little advice from a stranger! hehe