Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grow Your Name

Today we celebrated Earth Day by planting a little grass seed Ag in the Classroom style. With a pencil, I wrote the letters of each of our names on sheets of construction paper. My daughter then used glue to trace over the penciled letters.

Then came the fun part. She took grass seed and dumped it over the paper covering all of the glue.

Then she shook the grass seed off of the paper and wha-lah...a grass seed name! Now we just have to plant them. I can't wait to see our little family of names growing in grass!

Also, the daffodils made their grand appearance today! I think they knew it was Earth Day and wanted to provide me with a teachable moment for my kiddos. It's so nice to finally have some color in the yard!

By the way, looking at those pictures, our lawn looks pretty bad. Will the green ever return?!?!? Looks like a side benefit of this little project today is that all the seed we spilled will add a little green to our poor lawn.


  1. Very cool. I really like the pictures. I have to say, I like all the pictures you post. I like the viewpoint.

    Question: How do you get the seeds to grow? I think you told me already, I just do not remember. I would like to this with my children. Very cool!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my pictures. I really have no idea how to take pictures. I just go with what looks good to me and hope it turns out.

    To get the seed to grow...just plant the whole sheet of paper and treat it like you would any other seeds. We haven't planted ours yet (big hopes of having a toddler garden). When we plant it, I'll post pictures of the process. Hopefully soon...


  3. I LOVE this idea! (Great blog by the way -- this is my first comment). I have a couple of questions: I assume you have to plant the paper in a dirt patch that does not have grass around it so you can see it... any tips on where to plant it? Also, how far down do you plant it? Just under the surface?
    Thanks for the idea, I can't wait to try it. If it works well I can envision a whole alphabet garden!

  4. otjenh,

    Thanks for posting. Welcome to my little cyber learning experience. :)
    Yes, you do need to plant the whole paper. We used a shade/sun mix for our grass seed to try to avoid having a problem with finding a planting area. We plan on planting this weekend and I will post with the details when we do. Let me know if you try it. I'd love to hear about it.