Friday, April 4, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham

Today, I did yet another Green Eggs and Ham presentation. This is one of my favorite presentation that I do throughout the year. Today was for a group of three year olds and a separate group of two year olds. This is my first presentation for the two year old set. I was pretty nervous and was looking up some info online to see if I could modify anything for this younger group of kids. I ran across this list of chicken facts. If you've ever wondered how many toes a chicken has or how long it takes for a chicken to lay an egg, this is the link for you. If you've never wondered such things, just skip the link. I'll give you the fact I found most interesting...

"One trait, called Melanosis, causes chickens' bones, ligaments, skin and tendons to be colored BLACK."

Bring this fact up the next time your sitting down to a delicious chicken dinner with the family. I'm sure you'll get quite a reaction!

My quest to learn something new each day didn't mean that I would learn things that are worthwhile or relevant. So, I can chalk this one up to being just useless information. But, hey, I learned something today!

(By the way, the presentation went fine but I wouldn't want to do it every day. It's a brave teacher that will face the terrible twos times 14 each and every day!)

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