Monday, April 21, 2008

Scissors and Letters

Have you heard about Kid's Craft Weekly yet? If you haven't, stop reading now and run over to their site and sign up for their free newsletter. It is loaded with really fun and totally do-able crafts for kids. Each newsletter is on a theme which makes it even more fun to do each craft. We have done numerous crafts from these newsletters but never as fast as we did today. This issue is all alphabet crafts...a hit in this home currently! I read the newsletter when it arrived in my inbox this morning and by 9:00AM we had already completed one craft. We grabbed some construction paper, a pencil, a glue stick and the recycle bin. We had so much fun digging through the old newspapers for the letters of my little one's name.

In the Kid's Craft Weekly, the craft is called, Magazine Alphabet Game. Knowing that finding all the letters would be a bit cumbersome for a 3 year old and also knowing that she would want to do all the cutting herself, we modified the craft a bit. Instead of finding all the letters of the alphabet, she found and cut out all the letters of her name. She loved it and even moved on the the letters of her brother's name. A really helpful tip that the issue suggests is writing the letter on the paper first and then encouraging the child to glue the cut out letter over the written letter. This helped my daughter see which letters she already had and which ones she still needed. Such a simple tip but it sure did help out enormously. It was a great craft and we plan to do more of the crafts listed in this issue. Honestly, I can't wait to do more!

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