Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring is Coming!

Today was much more laid back than yesterday. Our schedule was open and we were just able to enjoy whatever the day brought. I like days like that. Today was supposed to be rainy. the weather man was wrong, so we took the kids fishing again. Today, three fish were caught. Oh, the joy for the 3 year old!

I'm not much of a fisherman and the baby can't fish yet, so I don't have a licence. My function is to be there as the bringer of snacks, cheerleader, baby wrangler and photographer. My camera and I sure did have fun. Today I learned that Spring is finally here! It was a beautiful day and nature provided such a beautiful display for us.

The pussy willows were everywhere! The 3 year old had so much fun finding them and "petting" them. She love the soft, fluffy texture.

She was also fascinated by the fungus that we found. She had many questions about it. I think this may be a topic for us to research in the near future.

There were these fascinating ducks with white tips on their bills. I'm not sure what the were but they looked like American Coots or Mud Hens. I tried real hard but this is the best picture that I could get of them.

Look, a patch of green amongst all the brown! Spring is really coming!

The creek was flowing and we just sat there watching it's beauty and listening to its magnificent sound.

As we left, the deer bid us farewell. We saw a dozen deer. One of them just stood there staring at us. Our daughter kept squealing with glee and asking a million questions about why he was looking at us. Despite her squeels, he just stood there...staring. Quite fascinating!

Goodbye beautiful Sunday! You taught me to look for beauty even amongst the lingering brown. I learned today to slow down, breathe, and appreciate life. I learned that even though the calendar says that Spring is here, nature is telling me that soon it really will be here! Hurray for Green, Hurray for Spring!

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